Door Plates Client Profile – Old No. 77 Hotel

At the Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery in New Orleans’ Warehouse District, almost every corner of the rustic, minimalist space is Instagram-worthy. Industrial light fixtures hang from high, heavy-beamed ceilings, casting a warm glow on reclaimed lumber furniture, local art and geometric floor mosaics. Details like these are why the hotel has racked up […]

How to hang wood doors.

Hanging Wood Doors

In previous blogs we’ve discussed how to store wood and metal doors and frames. As a continuation we answer the question, “How to Hang Wood Doors” this month. All across Metairie, Kenner, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, we’re experiencing a spike in restoration work. If repairing, refinishing or replacing a wooden door is on your list, […]

Why Metal Doors are Better

We are often asked, “are metal doors better than other options?” In answering the question, we use the term “tough as steel” when comparing our metal doors to wood, aluminum and fiberglass options. Metal doors are better in performance and longevity to the alternatives. The following video compares the performance of steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass doors. […]

metal doors are better

How to Store Wood and Metal Doors

Everyone in south Louisiana’s sub-tropical climate needs take special care when storing doors and frames on the job site. In this month’s blog we will discuss how to store wood doors, metal doors and their frames.

How Metal Doors are Made

In this month’s blog post we discuss our metal door and frame supplier Mesker Door, and how they invented and construct metal doors.

Worker welding a header on a door at B&M Metal Doors

Baton rouge flooded metal door & frame

Include Flooded Metal Doors in Claim

Having been in business in New Orleans since 1986, we’ve seen what happens to all those metal doors, frames and the hardware that has been exposed to floodwater…and it’s not pretty. With all the recent flooding in Louisiana, especially all the areas from Ponchatoula to Lafayette, business owners should make sure to  include flooded metal […]

The Door Guru on Installing a Closer

Traditional wisdom says, “When one door closes, another one opens.” However, if you ask The Door Guru at B&M Metal Doors, He will tell you, “When one door closes, your automatic closer is working perfectly! At B&M Metal Doors, we do more than just sell metal doors, frames and door hardware. We also advise our clients […]

The door guru

Understanding door handing

Bad Doors are Everywhere! It’s Not You.

Are you one of the people who always seems to “pull” on the “push” door? Well, it’s not you. There are bad doors everywhere! We decided to try and demystify the reasoning behind handing doors and hardware in this month’s blog.

Fire Rated Doors & Frames

    This month B & M Metal Doors and Frames, LLC wants to remind everyone that we stock fire rated doors, frames and hardware. The purpose of a fire-rated door is to hold back smoke and contain fire long enough for the occupants of a structure to escape. The term fire rated indicates that the […]

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Protecting Doors

Kick Plates & Stops: Protecting Doors

Protecting doors in high traffic areas, like schools, hospitals and public buildings is a challenge. Let’s face it, they take a real beating. Recently we’ve been contacted by several clients who need to replace doors in areas that require special protection. When we get the same questions over and over, we know it’s time for […]