It’s Dead Jim: Metal Door Repair or Replacement?

On Star Trek, Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy always made the call, “He’s dead Jim.” But when dealing with metal doors, no matter how many times you hear it, it’s not easy to tell when it’s best to replace or perform a metal door repair. In New Orleans and the surrounding areas this question will come up more frequently […]

Metal door repair or replace?

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FEMA Doors and Standards

Standards of FEMA Door Construction What’s a FEMA door? In our first blog, Door Stops more than a Bullet, we discussed how a well-constructed Bullet Resistant Door saved lives and property. In this month’s blog post, we thought we should expand that discussion to the construction of FEMA doors and assemblies. FEMA Requirements for Hurricane Doors In […]

Rough Openings and Handing Doors

In our last blog post, Why Do Metal Doors Rot? we discussed how the materials and construction of your door will determine how long it lasts.  Prior to that, we discussed Measuring Commercial Doors & Frames, introducing our customers to our Field measurement Sheets and the questions needing to be asked to ensure you get the right door […]

Rotting metal door in New Orleans

Why Do Metal Doors Rot?

Ever wonder why lots of metal doors in New Orleans and the surrounding areas are rotted-off at the bottom?  Obviously, they didn’t use a B&M galvannealed door!” Seriously though, it’s a common question and there are a few major factors why metal doors rot. As you may have noticed, the weather here in New Orleans, Louisiana has […]

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Door Stops More than Bullet

Door, Frame & Lock Foils Robbery They say “locks keep honest people honest”.  But In May of 2015, the Wal-Mart in Marrero, LA had an attempted violent robbery foiled by the right door, frame & lock set. An armed man gained entry into the building then tried to force his way into the “Money Room”. […]