Energy Efficient Products

Going Green Can Pay Off

Division 8 PlansGreen construction requirements call for energy efficient products like Mesker thermal doors.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has changed the criteria for ENERGY STAR qualified doors. They did this to improve the energy performance levels, in other words, they made it much more difficult to qualify. Doors must now have a much lower U-Value (also known as U-Factor) and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient before they can earn the ENERGY STAR label. Under the new criteria, it may also depend on where you live. For doors with larger glass, the U-Value and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient needed to qualify change depending on whether you live in the Northern or Southern part of the country.

Severe temperatures, or incorrect installation can eventually lead to compromised performance, including air leads, cracking, warping or swelling. B&M energy efficient products¬†provide our customers with energy-efficient, maintenance-free products that help to lower energy bills. They are also tested to ensure they can withstand the heat and humidity of the gulf south. B&M’s trained installation team can install all of the energy efficient products we stock.

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