High Security Products

High Risks Installations Require an Expert in High Security Products

High Security ProductsDoors are the most vulnerable points in any commercial environment, giving authorized access while maintaining security. With experience in military and law enforcement door installations, our expert staff understands high security and High Security Products.

Our team can provide you with the right high security products for high risk industries and areas.  B&M’s bullet resistant doors and frames resemble ordinary doors, but provide superior protection against assault, bullet penetration and fragmentation at vulnerable openings.

B&M high risk security products are perfect for isolated public utility buildings, government facilities, gas station cashier islands, financial institutions, box offices, 24-hour convenience stores, and similar installations where increased safety is a must.

B&M supplies and professionally installs:

Safe Room Doors
Steel Stiffened Doors
Bullet Resistant Doors & Assemblies
NVS Seamless Doors


Have questions about which high security product is right for your commercial new construction or renovation project?  Contact us today for a free consultation!