Hollow Metal Doors

The Best Value in Commercial Doors

Hollow metal doors often last over 30 years, have greater longevity than fiberglass, and typically outlast wood doors by more than 10 years. With proper handling, care and installation, your hollow metal doors and frames from B&M can last a lifetime.

B&M hollow metal doors are manufactured by Mesker Door, manufacturing metal doors in America since 1846.  Mesker products are built to meet and exceed the strict guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and the Steel Door Institute (SDI).

Certified at the factory, our doors and frames come with Fire Marshal approved Mylar stickers and are verified and licensed by Intertek for a 3 hour fire rating and 90 minute rating for dry wall frames.

Nonhanded Doors
Beveled Doors
NVS, Seamless Doors
Embossed Doors
Dutch Doors
Steel Stiffened Doors
Bullet Resistant Doors
Stainless Steel Doors
FEMA Approved Doors


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