Prefinished Metal Frames

Timely prefinished metal famesB&M Metal Doors & Frames is proud to partner with Timely Industries – the leading manufacturer of prefinished steel door frames. With over 40 years of experience manufacturing fire-rated steel door frames,Timely produces a beautiful product that outperforms traditional steel frames while substantially reducing the total opening cost.

So what does using a Timely metal frame mean to you? As the name implies, Timely prefinished steel door frames save you time. Timely’s Total Opening Concept empowers an installer to install the prefinished frame, door and hardware all at the same time. Because they fit over the finished wall, there’s no need for caulking. Prefinished means you won’t have to come back to tape and paint.

The results? Your openings will have the strength of a steel frame, with an attractive finish you’d find in a residential setting. Timely frames also produce substantial savings over traditional metal frames that require return visits to the job site for door hanging, hardware installation and painting.


Timely 20 gauge steel frames have been tested and proven to outperform 16 gauge hollow metal frames. Certified test results prove that the engineered anchoring system using 40 or more fasteners allows the lighter gauge frame to withstand far greater forces than hollow metal frames which have only six anchor points to the wall.

Finish Options

Use of Timely prefinished metal frames with applied casings allows for numerous design configurations. The appearance of the opening can be customized easily without adding substantial cost. A superior quality paint system with a factory applied, baked on finish provides superior performance and uniformity not possible with jobsite finishing. Choose from unlimited color options and numerous casing options to achieve the look you want. And, you can also add sidelights, borrowed lights and transoms to add light and openness to any room.


The Timely Total Opening Concept allows for an easy installation over the finished wall! This means no time-consuming caulking, taping or cut-in painting necessary. Timely frames install at the end of the project, cutting out exposure to construction damage to doors and frames and allows furnishings to be put in place before the doors are installed.

With Timely, the door, frame and hardware are all installed at one time. This eliminates repeat trips to the job site for installing the door and hardware. In most cases, the total installation time is reduced by 2/3.

While traditional hollow metal frames can be a bear to adjust, and practically impossible to re-use, Timely frames can be easily adjusted or relocated if need be.

Timely Prefinished Metal Frame Applications

TIMELY metal frames applications