Electrified Hardware

Access control begins with door hardware

shutterstock_113447797Electrified hardware uses power to control the locking and unlocking of the door. Most electrified hardware is available in one of two functions: fail safe or fail secure. Fail safe and fail secure refers to the status of the secure side (key side, outside) of the door. Most electrified hardware allows free passage from the inside of the door.

An electric strike replaces the regular strike for a lockset or panic device. It is used as part of an access control system to provide added security and convenience such as traffic control and remote release. An electric strike is typically paired with a storeroom function lockset or panic hardware, so access is controlled by the electric strike. An electromechanical lock is a lockset that has been electrified, so that it can be controlled by a card reader, remote release or other access control device. Most electromechanical locksets allow free egress at all times.

An electromagnetic lock is an electromagnet that mounts on the frame, with a steel armature mounted on the door. When you apply power to the magnet, it bonds to the armature, securing the door. Electromagnetic locks are only available fail safe. When you remove power, the electromagnetic lock unlocks.

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