Exit Devices

Dependable and Tough

Hollow metal doors in a school.Our Design Hardware exit devices are designed for strength with an unmatched ability to withstand the most abusive applications.

B&M Metal Doors & Frames offers touchbar and crossbar type devices for hollow metal doors and wood doors for a wide variety of applications

Our exit devices meet ANSI A156.3-Grade 1 Standards and comply to the American Disabilities Act. With an array of options in our warehouse, you are sure to find the exit device necessary for your project. Dependable and tough exit devices are an integral component of your door application.

How to Install a Rim Panic Exit 1000 device:

How to Install a Rim Panic Exit 2000 device:

Key Removeable Mullion
Rim Exit Device
Surface Vertical Rod Device
Exit Device Trim & Accessories

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