Flat Goods

Components for Your Door.

Not only do we supply doors and frames, from door viewers to kickplates, B&M Metal Doors & Frames has every piece of flat good you’ll need to outfit your doors. we offer a variety of different finish selections, styles and levels of configurability.  Like our doors, B&M Metal Doors & Frames stocks flat goods from only high quality manufacturers and suppliers.

Peepholes and door viewer products greatly improve security against burglary and intruders.  Dust proof door strikes eliminate dust and debris from collecting in the floor strike and are versatile enough for carpet, threshold, or concrete installations.  Our Commercial grade door stop are available in a variety of floor, kick-down and wall mounts for high traffic condition.

They don’t call it a kick plate for nothing!  Kick plates are just what they sound like: a protective barrier of metal or plastic the width of your door that attaches along the bottom to offer protection.  And speaking of protection, high risk areas call for additional security products like a surface door bolt or cane door bolt.

As always, your B&M Consultant will ask the right questions to advise which door viewer, strike, stop, plate or bolt is right for your project.  We also install everything we sell at B&M’s 10,000 sq ft fabrication shop.

Have questions about Flat Goods for your commercial new construction or restoration project? Contact us today for a free consultation!