Heavy Duty to High Security

M - Series Electrified lever & LockA B&M lockset is more than the hardware and components that lock your door. Our full stock of locksets come in a variety of finishes, lever options, and trim selections for use in a wide range of applications. If you need heavy duty or high security locksets, we have it. The locksets available in our inventory can be used in commercial projects, schools, factories, or offices and residences.

According to the strict standards set by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), door knob controlled latches are not appropriate for public use in favor of lever handles, which are easier to operate by gravity instead of the grasping and turning required by knobs. Many municipalities also regulate locksets in terms of fire rating, using standards determined more broadly by national groups like Underwriters Laboratories.

Lockset manufacturers describe locksets in terms of how a door is operated by the user, while the American National Standards Institute(ANSI), assigns codes based on the door’s operation. A “passage latch” code of “F01” by ANSI, on a mortised lockset is a door with a lockset consisting of two turning handles, both of which are never locked.

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