Hanging Wood Doors

In previous blogs we’ve discussed how to store wood and metal doors and frames. As a continuation we answer the question, “How to Hang Wood Doors” this month. All across Metairie, Kenner, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, we’re experiencing a spike in restoration work. If repairing, refinishing or replacing a wooden door is on your list, these tips should come in handy.

How to Hang Wood Doors

10 Must-Do Steps

  1. How to hang wood doors.The utility or structural strength of the doors must not be impaired in fitting the door to the opening, preparation and application of door hardware, preparation and application of lights, louvers or other detailing.
  2. On all exterior and interior solid core doors, use a minimum of one hinge for each 30 inches of door height. When using 3 or more hinges they are to be equally spaced. Interior hollow core doors weighing less than 50 pounds and not over 6′ 8″ in height may be hung on two hinges.
  3. Pilot holes must be drilled for the screws attaching hinges, lock hardware, and other devices to the faces of door stiles. Pilot holes should be 70% of the root diameter for wood screws used in application to softwood stiles and 90% of the root diameter for wood screws used in application to hardwood stiles.
  4. All hardware locations, preparations, and methods of attachment must be appropriate for the specific door construction.
  5. Clearances between door edges and frame shall be a minimum of 1/16” on the hinge edge, 1/8” on the latch edge and top rail.
  6. Doors shall be completely finished for seal, stain, topcoat and hardware preparation prior to installation.
  7. Properly protect top and bottom edges of exterior doors and the bottom of light or louver cutouts with proper finishes and metal flashing to prevent moisture from leaking into the core. Exterior lip mouldings must be used in light/louver openings.
  8. Exterior doors, in geographical areas having climatic conditions that cause substantial temperature and/or humidity differences on opposite sides of the door, should be installed in a storm door unit to help prevent warpage.
  9. Fire doors bearing fire rating certification labels have been prepared for installation per the conformance authorities granted by the under label service. The door is to be installed so that the certification label will be on the hinge stile at approximately eye level. Removal or tampering with this label will void the rating of the door. Fire Doors must be installed per label instructions.
  10. Job site modification of certified, labeled fire doors is restricted to the following:

A. Function holes for mortise locks, holes for labeled viewers, a maximum 3/4″ undercutting of book height doors, protection plates and preparations for surface and applied hardware not to exceed 1″ in diameter.
B. Unless otherwise identified, certified labeled fire doors installed in pairs must have metal meeting edges or metal meeting edges with an astragal.
C.  Pilot holes must be drilled for all screw applications. Drill 5/32″ diameter pilot holes for No. 12 screws.

Hang Wood Doors Right and They’ll Last

This month’s blog hopefully has a few tips to help you properly hang a wood door. B&M Metal Doors & Frames LLC is always happy to help you with all your questions. If you have any situations during renovations or have new construction questions about wood and metal doors and frames don’t hesitate, call us today! We will be more than happy to help you with your project.

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