Why Metal Doors are Better

We are often asked, “are metal doors better than other options?” In answering the question, we use the term “tough as steel” when comparing our metal doors to wood, aluminum and fiberglass options. Metal doors are better in performance and longevity to the alternatives. The following video compares the performance of steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass doors.



How Do We Know Metal Doors are Better?

metal doors are betterIndependent third-party testers compared standard metal doors to their equivalent wood, aluminum and fiberglass doors. In a swing cycle test, metal doors withstood swinging open and shut up to 10 million times. Wood doors failed before even reaching 1 million cycles.

Only metal doors can offer a three-hour fire-resistance rating. Other industry standard materials have lasted just 90 minutes.

Health and worker productivity are better at lower noise levels. Metal doors are better at providing sound reduction when tested against competing materials. B&M’s hurricane doors pass the FEMA 361 tornado test proving that it’s the safest protection solution.

Steel is Meant to Withstand Abuse

Properly installed and maintained hollow metal doors often last 30 years or longer, providing the best long-term value in the door and frame industry.

Metal doors also offer the lowest cost to repair in the field, since they can be fixed rather than requiring a complete replacement.

Strong and Good Looking

Today’s steel doors offer endless options for customizing the final appearance. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern stainless-steel door, a vibrant colored impression or even a faux-finish, versatile metal doors can satisfy the aesthetic requirements of any project. Steel is the most recycled material in the world. The use of metal doors and frames can provide LEED credits for construction projects benefiting both architects and building owners.

When an architect specifies SDI standards their customer can be assured they are receiving a well constructed product that will positively impact the overall lifetime, cost, comfort level and overall safety of the building’s occupants.

Metal Doors are Better

This month’s blog has been a reminder on how metal doors and frames are the superior choice for almost any project. B&M Metal Doors & Frames LLC is always happy to help you with all your questions. If you have any situations during renovations or have new construction questions about wood and metal doors and frames don’t hesitate, call us today! We will be more than happy to help you with your project.

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