How to Store Wood and Metal Doors

wooden doorIn this month’s blog we will discuss how to store wood doors, metal doors and their frames. Whether you are in New Orleans, Kenner or Baton Rouge, everyone in south Louisiana’s sub-tropical climate needs take special care when storing doors and frames onsite.

Storing Steel Doors On the Site

All doors and frames shall be stored under cover. Assembled frames shall be stored vertically. The units are to be stored in a manner that will prevent rust or damage, even if they are galvanized or primed, such as on 4″ high wood sills. Canvas or non-vented plastic shelters that can create a humidity need to be avoided.

Wood Door Storage, Handling and Finishing

Storage and Handling

  1. Store doors in a flat, level, horizontal position supported by at least 3 full width 2 X 4’s.
  2. Handle doors with clean hands or while wearing clean gloves.
  3. Lift and carry doors, do not drag across one another.
  4. Store doors in clean surroundings protected from dirt, abuse, excess moisture or dryness, extremes oftemperature, or direct sunlight.
  5. Allow for air circulation if doors are covered to protect them.
  6. Doors should be conditioned to the average prevailing humidity of the locality and jobsite prior to hanging.
  7. Certain species of wood, particularly oak, contain chemicals, which react unfavorably with ferrous metals causing dark blue/black stains. Avoid contact with steel products or filings, etc.

metal door storagePreparation for Finishing

  1. Prior to finishing insure that the building atmosphere is dried to a normal, interior relative humidity of 25% to 55%, 50-90 degrees F per WDMA I.S.1A (Window & Door Manufacturers Association)
  2. Sanding and Finishing must be done with the door in a horizontal position.
  3. Prior to finishing remove all handling marks, raised grain, and other undesirable blemishes by completely hand block sanding all surfaces with a 100 to 150 fine grit abrasive. Do not use steel wool. Do not spot sand. Failure to properly prepare the surface will result in blotchy appearance.
  4. When possible, the species finish combination should be tested prior to finishing the doors. Notify the finish supplier and door supplier immediately if any undesirable reaction is noticed. Do not continue with finishing until the problem is resolved.
  5. In order not to induce warpage, avoid dark stains or dark colored paints on door surfaces exposed to direct sunlight.
  6. To prevent blemish magnification, avoid extremely dark stains on light colored wood species.
  7. Water based sealers or prime coats should not be used. Water based top coats should be used only over surfaces that have been completely sealed with a non-water based sealer or primer.
  8. A first coat of thinned sanding sealer, followed by light block sanding, will minimize subsequent handling marks, and promote uniformity of subsequent stain coats.
  9. High gloss finishes are not recommended.
  10. Be sure the door surface is satisfactory before applying sealers, stains or topcoats.

Have Questions?

This month’s blog has been a reminder on how to store wood and metal doors and frames.

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