Capabilities from Start to Finish

ServicesB&M provides the best service and products in the metal door industry, from quote to delivery. Each client has access to the services,  products, door specialists, delivery trucks, and installation crews necessary to complete their project on time, on budget. If something goes wrong, we’ll make it right.

Consulting with a B&M Door Specialist allows us to understand your project.  We dive into the details to find the right combination of doors, frames, and hardware for your application. When we know your goals, we can ensure you get the right materials and know how to use them.

We professionally install every product we sell.  If you’ve ever hung a door, you know no two installations are ever the same.   Unexpected problems caused by improper framing, un-level floors or a wall that isn’t plumb can bring a project to a grinding halt.

It’s not uncommon when a deadline is approaching to need doors hung. Working with B&M, our clients don’t have to waste valuable time waiting around to pick up materials.  Has someone else’s mistake suddenly become your problem, call B&M.  Our Service Team can work with you on short notice to ensure your door installations are our priority, are completed on time, perform properly and look perfect.

Our 10,000 sq ft in-house shop gives us the space to customize the doors, frames and hardware we sell. Our technicians perform welding, install specialty glass and perform hardware modifications. All of our modifications are performed by State Fire Marshal licensed employees for fire rated products that have been verified and licensed by Intertek.

The B&M Fabrication shop can custom-build door, frame and window applications based on your specifications. Just bring us the plans and we can produce a B&M expert crafted product.

We guarantee the work performed in our fabrication shop. If you’re unsatisfied with your specialty product, we will make it right.

Have questions about fabrications for your commercial project? Contact us today!