Custom Built Door, Frame & Window Fabrication

Custom Built Door, Frame & Window FabricationThe B&M Fabrication shop can custom-build door, frame and window applications based on your specifications. Bring us the plans for your new construction or renovation project and we will produce a B&M expert crafted product.

The in-house shop at B&M allows us to build from scratch or quickly customize many of the doors and frames we supply. Our technicians perform customizations ranging from frame welding and fire door labeling to specialty glass and hardware installations.

From Consultation & Estimating, to sales, then into the shop, A B&M project is handled by a door & frame specialist.  We spec-out our clients’ orders to make sure the final product will be to code, work properly and look great.  The same manager who orders from the manufacturer also supervises construction.  We feel this is the only way to ensure what we sell will work for our clients.

At B&M, we produce custom hinging and reinforcements, cut outs for windows and louvers, and welded frames. Our technicians are equipped to modify doors for deadbolts, cylindrical locks, re-keys, flush bolts, and hinge relocation in our 10,000sq ft. shop. The door experts at B&M can also re-size metal doors and manufacture frames to accommodate any wall condition including masonry, steel, and wood and metal stud.

We guarantee the work performed in our fabrication shop. If you’re unsatisfied with your specialty product, we will make it right. It’s that simple.

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