Installation & Services

It’s More Than Selling Doors

At B&M, we want to do more than sell you a door. We professionally install commercial retrofits, entryway renovations and door installations in hospitals, schools, malls, and offices.

If you’ve ever hung a door, you know no two installations are ever the same.   Unexpected problems caused by improper framing, un-level floors or a wall that isn’t plumb can bring a project to a grinding halt. The most common door installation problems can be solved or avoided when an experienced craftsman, using the right materials and the appropriate techniques, is on the job.

It’s not uncommon when a deadline is approaching to need doors hung. If this is the case, or if someone else’s mistakes have suddenly become your problem, call B&M.  Our Service Team can work with you on short notice to ensure your door installations are done on time, work properly and look great.

Last minute challenges should never mean cutting corners.  All B&M modifications are performed by State Fire Marshal licensed employees for fire rated products that have been verified and licensed by Intertek.

In a bind or have a question about an installation? Contact us today for a free consultation!