FEMA Doors and Standards

Standards of FEMA Door Construction

What’s a FEMA door? In our first blog, Door Stops more than a Bullet, we discussed how a well-constructed Bullet Resistant Door saved lives and property. In this month’s blog post, we thought we should expand that discussion to the construction of FEMA doors and assemblies.

FEMA Requirements for Hurricane Doors

FEMA Hurricane DoorIn coastal environments, FEMA conducted numerous post-disaster investigations. Their results show that windows and doors are the principal failure mode for these systems. Our Hurricane Doors have been designed and tested to comply with the requirements of the Florida Building Code including High Velocity Hurricane Zone. This includes wind-borne debris region tested and certified for impact generated by winds of over 120 mph.

B&M’s doors meeting FEMA requirements are available for impact and non-impact zones (under 120 mph winds)- single and double openings, certified ratings for flush and glazed openings. Our hurricane doors are available in A60 galvannealed and G90 galvanized steel as well as prime painted or unprimed.

Our hurricane door design includes:

  • mechanically interlocking pan and lid
  • 7 gauge hinge reinforcements
  • closer reinforcement
  • Fire Rating up to 3 Hour.

B&M’s hurricane doors are built to meet and exceed ADA, ANSI, ASTM, and SDI standards including hurricane testing listed.

Tornado Door and Frame Assemblies

Tornado DoorOur Tornado Doors will meet FEMA 361 Standards for Use in Above Ground Tornado Shelter Systems when paired with the appropriately rated frames. Tornado doors are flush face, 16 ga. skin with a 14 ga. inner skin on the impact face. The edge channel has 14 gauge reinforcements welded to face sheets 6 in. on center and a polystyrene core.

B&M Metal Door tornado doors are available in A60 galvannealed and G90 galvanized steel. They are available with a prime painted finish or unprimed.

The design of a B&M tornado door includes a mechanically interlocking pan and lid, 7 gauge hinge reinforcements, closer reinforcement and has a Fire Rating up to 3 Hour. These doors are built to meet and exceed ADA, ANSI, ASTM, and SDI standards including Fema 361 testing listed.

The tornado door assemblies we carry are tested with Markar Architectural products. The doors are tested with a continuous hinge and Securitech three point locking system (available less hardware) to allow the door to resist a 15-lb. 2×4 propelled at 100 mph and to withstand pressures of 1.75 psi for 5 seconds. The missile speed and pressure correlates to a 250 mph tornado.

Referenced Standards

Standards referenced in this blog can be obtained directly from the publisher of that literature. Refer to the organization listed below to obtain more information on the standards published.

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Have Questions?

This blog is just a brief introduction to Hurricane and Tornado rated doors and frames. If your project requires these types of doors or you have any other questions about metal doors and frames don’t hesitate, call us today!

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